Doctor's Practices

If you work in a doctor’s practice, then you know you will be interacting with many people who suspect they have contracted Covid-19. While many of these patients will have common colds or the flu, you simply cannot afford to take that chance.

Ensuring you are equipped with the best personal protective equipment (PPE) is as essential as the work you do. Doctors, nurses, administrators, and receptionists cannot afford any discrepancy in the quality of the PPE they wear.

Given the frequency with which doctors and their assistants must change their masks due to multiple interactions with different people throughout their working day, the availability of such masks in large numbers is also of paramount importance.

Ultramask Features and Benefits

  • Protection

    The Ultramask features a triple-layer design that provides the optimum effectiveness for preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. They have been toxicity tested to ensure they do not cause rashes or other allergic reactions, as well as being specifically designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

  • Efficiency

    You can rest assured that the 99.9% efficiency rate of the Ultramask is unmatched by any other face mask products. The superior quality and comfort of our masks are the reason why the world’s leading clinics, care homes and hospitals – including the NHS – have made the Ultramask their first choice in PPE wear.

  • Filtration

    Two of the three filtration layers consist of one spun-bond Polypropylene layer to prevent the penetration of liquid droplets, and a tested and certified proprietary filter media core with a retention rate of ≥ 98%. The droplet-resistant third layer has been designed to ensure maximum facial comfort.

Ultramask Availability and Pricing

The high-quality mass production of Ultramasks and the excellent Ultrafilter Medical customer service ensure a plentiful supply of these masks are always available for everyone working in a doctor’s practice. The ‘Ultra planning’ framework provides 10,000 masks per order, though more can be ordered for an even better price.

These bulk delivery options help doctor’s office administrators plan ahead and guarantee the availability of the highest quality PPE for their workers.

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