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Welcome to Ultrafilter-Medical

Ultramask - The Medical Facemask

The Non-Plus-Ultra in Personal Protection. The Ultrafilter Medical Face Mask provides an optimum in personal protection and is manufactured in accordance to all applicable standards (CE Certified; EN 14683 Type IIR; 93/42/EEC; GMP). Due to the unique high-efficiency retention of the filter-media, the penetration of viruses and bacteria are effectively prevented. As a result of the Ultramask’s  superior filtration performance, the worlds leading hospitals (NHS), clinics and care homes have made the Ultramask their first choice. 

  • High level of facial comfort due to the unique smooth Ultrafilter media.
  • Superior filtration efficiency guaranteeing the ultimate in personal protection.
  • Splash resistance ensures maximum safety in every situation.

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Features and Advantages

The Ultramask  is engineered with 3 effective filtration layers:

1. The Spun-bond Polypropylene is water repellant preventing the penetration of liquid droplets. 

2. The core of the Ultramask, consists of a proprietary high-efficiency filter media, tested and certified with a retention rate of ≥ 98%. 

 3. The inner layer has been designed to ensure facial comfort whilst being worn and at the same time to be water droplet resistant. 

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 98%
Differential Pressure (Pa/cm²) < 60
Splash Resistance (kPA) ≥ 16,0
Microbial Cleanliness (KBE/g) ≤ 30

The Ultrafilter Group

3 Generation Specialist in High Performance Filtration

Ultrafilter GmbH is one of the most innovative manufacturers of high-performance filters and processing components for compressed air, technical gases and liquids. Many well-known companies worldwide trust in the quality, performance and reliability of the innovative premium products of ultrafilter GmbH.

Meet the Team

It is the people who make Ultrafilter Medical what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our staff. We all work together to help our clients, providing the best possible care.

Product Information

Ultramask - Datasheet

For summarised product information about the Ultrafilter Medical Facemask, please download the Ultramask Datasheet.



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